Are Fake Security Cameras Effective

April 15th, 2019

When most people think of security systems, one of the primary elements that they will always consider will certainly be security cameras. But Henderson, NC residents and homeowners often want to save some money, and one area that they assume they can do so is in investing in fake security cameras instead of the real thing. After all, those real cameras and their systems can be expensive investments. Fake ones look similar, but won’t break the bank. But is this worth it? There are a few things worth taking a closer look at here.

The Pros of Fake Security Cameras

First, it’s a good idea to begin with the benefits that fake security cameras can offer to Henderson, NC residents. Here is a rundown of the main benefits they can provide.

  • Cost – This is the most obvious benefit. The simple fact is that fake security cameras are vastly cheaper than the real thing. They are nothing more than a box that looks like a camera, so the costs are much lower.
  • Simplicity – Since they aren’t functional, you won’t have to deal with installing wiring or cabling. Instead, you just mount them in place in a visible location.
  • Deterrent Capabilities – These cameras won’t film anything, and won’t capture video. But they may deter some criminals. If a potential criminal sees what they think is a working camera, there is much less of a chance that they’ll engage in their criminal activity.

In short, it’s true that you’ll get some benefits from fake security cameras when installed on your Henderson, NC property. As such, they are something that many in the area do end up considering.

The Cons of Fake Security Cameras

While they have some benefits, there are also drawbacks that are worth knowing about as well. Here are some of the main cons of installing fake cameras.

No Video – The obvious drawback is that you don’t get any kind of video protection for your Henderson, NC property. That means that if a break in or theft occurs, you have absolutely no video evidence helping you catch the criminals.

Easily Identified – A seasoned criminal will quickly and easily identify fake cameras as being fake, and will quickly decide to target your property anyway.

No Peace Of Mind – While your cameras may fool some, they won’t’ fool you. You’ll still have no peace of mind knowing that your home or business is protected – fake cameras just don’t’ always provide the relaxation that the real thing can bring.

The Bottom Line For You

All of this means one thing - fake cameras have their place, but aren’t good enough to be your one source of protection. For most, it’s worth considering installing the real thing to give you maximum protection. If needed, you can always install a few fake ones to increase deterrent measures while getting peace of mind knowing that the real things are also there to keep your property safe.

If you have doubts or questions about the best option, contacting a Henderson security expert will help give you the clearest picture of just what you need to do to secure your home or business.


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