Top 5 Tips To Keep Your Apartment Secure

September 5th, 2023

Most renters in Henderson, NC live alone. On top of that, many of them do not know their neighbors, which makes them attractive targets for burglars. Living in a house that is not yours with lots of restrictions as to what you can do or modify presents major security challenges. Here are some security tips to help you sleep better at night in your apartment:

1 – Add Locks To Your Front Door

In a lot of areas in Henderson, the apartment buildings are old. If that is the case for you, do not rely on the lock on your front door. If your apartment door only has a doorknob, add a deadbolt. You may also consider changing the lock so you can be sure you’re the only one with a copy of the key.

28% of burglaries occur with someone still in the house. For additional safety when you’re inside your apartment, consider a swing door guard and a lock locker or a door brace. These options are convenient for renters since they are portable and do not need to be installed.

2 – Check Your Door’s Strike Plate

Strike plates are the metal plates attached on door frames. They help locks stay secure and add another layer of protection against forced entry. This is important since most intruders simply break into homes by kicking the front door. To maximize the new locks you install, regularly check your front door’s strike plates and tighten or replace them as needed.

3 - Secure Sliding Doors

Sliding doors on balconies are very easy to break, so they are common entry and exit points for burglars. Aside from a secure lock, renters can use a sliding door security bar, which they can place at the bottom of a sliding door to keep it from being opened. This is an affordable and convenient security option that does not require installation.

4 – Cover Your Windows

Do not make your apartment any more attractive to burglars by placing your belongings on display in front of your window. Install curtains or blinds so outsiders cannot peek inside your home. If they do not know what they will find inside, burglars are less likely to invade your property.

5 – Install A Security System

Ask your landlord if you are allowed to install a security system. Renters will benefit from stand-alone security systems that you can take with you when you move out. Opt for a security system that comes with wireless security cameras, and install them inside by your front door (unless you can get permission to install them outside) and windows. You can monitor and control your security system and cameras through your phone and get alerts when there is an intrusion.

You do not need to live in fear if you are staying in an apartment. Implement these tips to keep your home secure and unattractive to burglars. If you’re considering installing a security system in your NC apartment, contact us today to know your options.

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