The Best Security Cameras for Protecting Your Home

April 5th, 2018

With the level of crime in Henderson, NC increasing every single day, it is very important to buy the best security cameras for protecting your home. A good home surveillance system will ensure that your home, as well as your family, is well protected from harm. However, with so many security cameras in the market each claiming to deliver quality services, many people are usually confused about which option to choose. So are you looking for the best security cameras to improve security of your home? If yes then today you have just landed in the right place because, in this article, we have researched and came up with a list of the best security cameras for protecting your Henderson home.

1. Bullet cameras

Also known as bullets or lipstick cameras, bullet security cameras are one of the best surveillance cameras to choose to help protect your Henderson home as well as family. They are available in many different forms including IP technologies, analog CCTV, megapixel ranging from 1.3 to 5 megapixel and in HD-TVI. Bullet cameras are widely recommended for people who are looking for a surveillance system to monitor the perimeter of their homes. When mounted correctly under the eaves of the roof, they will give a clear viewpoint of your driveway, frontward, backyard as well as other outdoor areas. Bullet cameras have impact rating system, a feature that protects the camera from physical impact and vandals from a distant. These cameras are easy to install and cost effective and are recommended for people who are looking for indoor and outdoor surveillance system but are on tight budget.

2. Dome cameras

Dome cameras are also one of the best security cameras to choose to help protect your Henderson home and family. Unlike other surveillance cameras, dome cameras are actually self-contained cameras meaning that they feature a rugged dome enclosure that protects the camera lens. They are tough and durable and can work well in nearly any time of home environment (indoor or outdoor). In addition to that, dome cameras are easy to install and area available in many different forms including high-resolution options, multi-megapixels, latest analog, HD-TVI as well as IP technologies. They are equipped with wide angle lenses that enable you to monitors areas such as your front and backyard, driveways and open areas well. Unlike other security cameras that contain a normal lens, dome camera lens has a wide field of view that provides greater depth of field even in low light.

3. Infrared cameras

Also known as IR cameras, infrared cameras can provide 24 hours security to your home. They feature a built-in IR LED that helps the camera to see even in total darkness. Infrared cameras are available in a variety of IP ranges including from 65 to 300 degrees. Some infrared cameras operate on 940nm wavelength meaning that they are virtually undetectable to human eyes and are perfect for people who are looking for covert surveillance in Henderson, NC. Some of these cameras use latest IR technology including full frame illumination and smart IR that provide quality performance even in low light.

4. Hidden cameras

Also known as spy cameras, hidden cameras are perfect for people who are looking for enhanced home security system. They provide covert surveillance advantage as well as an additional layer of protection to your home (both indoor and outdoor). They are available in many different forms. They are usually hidden in things such as floodlights, smoke detectors, clocks, picture frames, AC adapters among many others. They can help capture criminals because they are not easy to detect. They are recommended for Henderson homeowners who want to monitor caregivers, nannies and loved once. They are available in both wireless and wired option and different resolutions.

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