Make Your Home More Secure With Outdoor Lighting

June 28th, 2019

If you’re a homeowner in Henderson, NC, one of the things you might be concerned about is home security. After all, it’s naïve to assume that nothing bad will ever happen to your home, especially if you have high-value items in it like cash, jewelry or consumer electronics like a large TV, or home theater system.

There are plenty of steps homeowners in Henderson, NC can take to increase their home security. Alarms are a popular, common sense addition for any home. But another security feature that can sometimes be a powerful deterrent is outdoor lighting systems.

What Do Lights Do?

Deterrence is the primary goal of outdoor lighting systems. Rather than catch a thief in the act, the way an alarm system on a door or window would, outdoor lighting makes potential thieves not want to rob you at all and pass on by, looking for another target.

The reason for this is simple; lights increase the risk of getting caught. Most thieves will prefer to “scout” a location first, looking for entry points, looking through windows at potential valuables, and other actions to increase the likelihood of success. Lights, however, make it easy to see when someone is wandering a property, and if they’re acting suspiciously, such as peeking in windows, this is easily seen by everyone. Combined with a security camera, this not only records suspicious behavior but preserves identifying details in a far more reliable way than a human witness could ever recall.

Motion Sensors Are Effective

Another common and effective feature of outdoor lighting, especially if you want to save on electrical bills, is to connect the lights to a motion sensor. Not only does this save on electrical energy, it means that you know there’s something on your property when the lights come on.

Depending on your residential situation, you can check to see if these are animals wandering onto your property, or see if you’ve got any trespassers. One of the nice things about motion sensors tied to lights is that they tend to have a startling effect on unsuspecting visitors, which can scare away both animals and potential thieves.

Placement Is Important

Effective outdoor lighting is all about positioning. The areas that are clearly illuminated should be the “problem areas” for maximum deterrence effect. For example, the presence of bushes or hedges are usually areas where thieves might try to hide in the shadows. Lights that illuminate these areas reduce their effectiveness as hiding places. In the same way, windows, doors, and other points of entry can be protected with good outdoor lighting.

If you’re interested in increasing the security of your Henderson, NC, and you want more peace of mind, outdoor lights, especially when combined with other security features, can raise the level of protection for your home. If you’d like to know more about how you can raise your home’s security level, A B & D Surveillance can help. Contact us and let us know what you’re looking for. We can evaluate your home, and help you find the security solution that works best for you.

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