3 Ways A Neighborhood Can Reduce Burglaries

May 29th, 2019

The burglary rate of a Henderson, NC neighborhood depends on a lot of different factors.  Some are beyond your control:  population density, the crime rate in the area, the police budget and training, income levels, and so on.  However, there are other factors you can control, at least if you spend time coordinating with your neighbors.

One of the most effective ways to stop burglars from breaking into homes is to make them think they’ll get caught.  After all, burglary is very risky and even professional thieves get nervous easily.   As such, there are several things that you and your neighbors can do to make a burglar feel nervous enough to leave your area alone.

Create A Neighborhood Watch

A neighborhood watch is an informal organization that the residents of any street or neighborhood in Henderson, NC can set up.  By agreeing to join the neighborhood watch, you agree to keep an eye out on the homes around you and keep in touch with your neighbors.  This means knowing each other’s phone numbers so you can contact each other if something seems off.  Neighborhood watches can also include training on what suspicious behavior looks like and when to call the police.  According to the FBI, an active neighborhood watch can cut criminal activity by 43 percent.

Install Security Systems

Every home in America comes with a few basic locks and window latches, but it doesn’t take long for a determined burglar to get past them.  That’s why it helps to install a stronger security system with burglar alarms, electronic locks, or security cameras.  Not only does this help your own home, it can also help your neighbors who don’t have advanced security systems.  If enough homes in the same area have extra security, burglars will often assume that every home in the area has an alarm system and avoid the whole area.

Support Drug Treatment Programs

Burglary is often a symptom of a larger problem, such as systemic poverty or widespread drug abuse.  Drugs are expensive, after all, and a person in the grip of an addiction will often do whatever it takes to get the next dose and try to feel normal again.  Extra police and longer jail times don’t do anything to end addiction and the crime it can cause, but compassion and effective drug treatment programs can.  As a neighborhood, you can support these programs by donating, getting the word out, and supporting the people who are treating their addiction.

Burglary may be a bigger or smaller worry depending on where you live, but no neighborhood in Henderson, NC is 100 percent safe from theft.   That’s why it’s important to find ways to reduce your risk, both as individual homeowners and as neighbors in a larger community.  So if safety is important to you, you should take some time to speak with your neighbors and find out what you can do as a group to improve the neighborhood and reduce the local crime rate.

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