6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Home Automation

November 26th, 2019

Home automation allows you to control certain aspects of your home using a mobile device. Because of wireless technology, you can monitor and operate your home’s access control panel and other smart devices regardless of where you are in the world.

You can use this technology for individual appliances and devices, such as thermostats and lights. However, home automation more accurately describes whole-home smart systems wherein you can control all smart devices using just one application. This covers everything from heating and cooling systems to security and surveillance systems.

If you are wondering whether your Henderson, NC home needs this kind of technology, check out these reasons why you should consider it.

  1. It makes repetitive tasks less troublesome.

Some tasks, such as setting up the thermostat and adjusting the lights, are repetitive in nature. Home automation allows you to set them up once and leave them be. When you need to make adjustments, that’s the only time you have to tweak the settings. You can do all these with just a few taps on an app.

  1. It helps improve energy efficiency.

Utilities can cost a few hundred dollars a month. You can cut down energy costs by making adjustments to some appliances for ultimate efficiency. For instance, you can turn off or dim the lights when they’re not in use. You can do this even when you’re at work. Furthermore, today’s smart devices and appliances are designed to consume less electricity.

  1. It helps improve home safety.

Accidents may happen due to poor lighting. One of the best things about home automation is that you can automatically turn lights on and off anywhere in your home. Furthermore, home automation systems can also be connected to your home security and fire alarm systems, making them more accessible.

  1. It provides a cost-efficient home security solution.

Home security should be every homeowner’s priority. However, some tend to put it off due to some reservations, such as cost and convenience.

Many home automation systems include automation and monitoring of home security and camera surveillance systems. This eliminates the issue of inconvenience related to manual control and monitoring.

  1. It helps lower your home’s carbon footprint.

Energy efficiency has a lot to do with reducing a home’s carbon footprint. When your Henderson, NC home is equipped with energy-efficient devices and systems, it consumes less electricity. This results in a reduced carbon footprint, ultimately making your home more environment-friendly. You may even enjoy tax credits for taking the initiative to make your home more energy-efficient.

  1. It gives you peace of mind.

Knowing that you can monitor your home and control electrical devices and appliances from afar gives you peace of mind. For instance, you no longer have to worry the entire day wondering if you turned off the light in the bathroom or locked the front door when you left for work. You can instantly check these through your home automation app.

Are you ready to get the most of today’s home automation technologies? AB&D Surveillance is your source for high-quality home automation and security systems in NC. Get in touch with us today to schedule a free consultation and let us discuss your unique needs.

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