Security Is Even More Important When No One Is There

October 16th, 2019

When it comes to protecting business interests here in Henderson, NC, one smart investment is a security system. Surveillance cameras are always a good way to act as the extra eyes that your employees don’t have in retail situations, such as clothing or dry goods, where shelves can block the view, and your employees can’t easily remain at the sales counter while keeping an eye on shoppers.

But there are other instances where there little or no personnel at all in the area, and these types of “unmanned businesses” need surveillance and security just as much staffed businesses. A gas station, or an ATM, for example, don’t have human attendants always watching over them. That means that protecting your investment is more important than ever, because if something does happen, who’s going to stop it?


The Wireless Solution

While security surveillance cameras are always a good idea, older systems are not as flexible as modern security camera systems. This is why, especially for business facilities with little or no staff, it’s important to have a versatile security solution, like a wireless camera network.

Older models have a lot of physical—and subsequently monetary—requirements, such as needing to layout electrical wiring, transmission cabling, and a central storage system such as DVR or NVR box where images are locally stored. Wireless cameras do away with all wiring and cabling, and can store images locally, onsite, but can also store them online. Using such a system provides you with two big benefits.


Less Interference

A wireless camera system is less vulnerable in many ways compared to a traditional CCTV system with cabling. The wireless nature of the camera means that it can be installed in many more locations, at much larger heights, if need be, since no cabling needs to be run to power or transmit the image.

The ability to store images in multiple locations means that the camera is also far less vulnerable to deliberate sabotage. A traditional CCTV system is useless if criminals get into the security room itself and destroy the DVR/NVR system that is physically storing the security footage. With a wireless system, images are stored online so they can’t be physically destroyed or erased.


More Control

Best of all, however, is the instant access you get with a wireless camera system. You can set your system to notify your phone or computer should specific events be triggered, such as a transaction occurring. When that happens, you can remotely view the footage on your phone or your computer, at your convenience. There’s no need to back to your business and visit the security room.

Digital cameras also mean you have a choice about your resolution, which determines how sharp, crisp, and detailed the images are. Lower resolution will let you store more footage, but the higher resolution will give you the detail that you and investigators may need to help track down a suspect that appears on camera.

If you want to make your unmanned business in Henderson, NC safer, we can help. Contact AB & D Surveillance, and we can find the right solution to make your business more secure.

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