Security Concerns of Small Businesses

January 23rd, 2019

Security Concerns of Small Businesses

Cybersecurity isn't the only real security concern businesses in Henderson, NC have to contend with. While it's an important aspect of the business, there are other security concerns you should familiarize yourself with that don't happen to be online.

Understanding Vandalism

Vandalism can cost a business thousands of dollars in damages depending on what was done to the property. Vandalism can include anything from broken windows and doors to paint on the building and destroyed equipment. 

Most vandals use the cover of darkness or other ways to hide their faces, so they don't get caught on camera and ultimately prosecuted for their crimes. To help assist with this and further protect your business and property, investing in a security system that has motion sensors is one of the best ways to catch these criminals in action.

Having the presence of a security system and cameras on the premises can also act as an effective deterrent from the crime being committed in the first place. They will most likely move onto their next target out of fear of being caught on camera.

Robbery Concerns 

Another offline security concern for business owners is robbery. Having someone standing in front of you demanding the cash you have, or other merchandise is a scary experience that you should do your best to avoid.

Security systems will allow you to catch this footage on camera if a robbery were to occur and it might even be enough to stop the same thing from happening to another business owner in the area. 

Burglary Concerns

Burglars often strike at night when everyone has gone home for the day and the property is unattended. Having cameras installed that you have 24/7 remote access to can help grant you the peace of mind you need while you're away. 

The system can also detect a burglar, and when it does, a notification is then sent to the authorities alerting them of the burglar's presence, and as the business owner, you will also receive a notification of what is happening. 

Train Your Employees

More often than not, having the right security system in place can be a very effective crime deterrent in most cases. In addition to the security system for your business, you should also be proactive and train your employees on what to do when faced with any of the above situations. 

Training your employees can create a much safer work environment and can even help you find certain weaknesses in the business so you can find new ways to build up and employ new security measures. 

Securing all potential weaknesses and investing in a good security system are the first steps a business owner should take to protect their business and assets and be able to keep their money going to the business, rather than having to pay out for damages and theft. 

Wireless security systems that are battery operated and easy to install are also very affordable so that a small up front investment can address your security concerns in the long run. 

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