A PTZ Camera Can Work For Your Business

August 23rd, 2019

A PTZ camera is one that can pan, tilt, and zoom.  This means you can turn the lens left and right, point it up or down, and zoom in and out.  Standard security cameras can only look in a new direction if you go over and move it yourself, but a PTZ camera can look around when you send it a remote command.  Security cameras with this feature are noticeably more expensive than ones with fixed mounts, but the mobility can have a variety of uses for your Henderson, NC business.

Fewer Cameras Covering Larger Areas

You can give a PTZ camera a looping command to make it look back and forth automatically.  So if you would need to mount two cameras in a single location to cover a large, open area, you can instead set up a single PTZ camera that will look left, then right, then left again.  The downside is that two cameras would let you see in two directions at the same time, but if that’s not a big concern a PTZ camera could save you money.

Remote Control

Security staff with a PTZ camera can spot something suspicious and then tell the camera to focus on it and zoom in to get a clearer view.  This can be very convenient since the only way to investigate something closer is to go out and have a look in person.  As such, a PTZ camera gives you a safer and faster way to see what’s going on, plus you can use the recording later as evidence.

Variable Focus

With a PTZ camera, it’s easy to adjust the focus and angle you want your camera to have.  If you shut down one Henderson, NC parking lot because of seasonal changes or because of construction work, you can have your PTZ camera pan to the active parking lot or zoom in to give you more detail of the areas you need to watch.  If you aren’t using a production line one day you can move a PTZ camera to focus on the active lines and then move it back when it starts running the next day.

Motion Tracking

Modern PTZ cameras are compatible with motion-tracking software.  This software can spot moving objects on screen and tell the PTZ camera to zoom in on the moving object and keep it in view as it travels across the screen.  While this function isn’t useful in a busy retail area or factory floor, it can give you much more valuable footage of a quiet room with few visitors or a parking lot after dark.

All of these functions can come in handy for a business, and with enough creativity you may be able to find even more uses.  As such, while a PTZ camera isn’t useful for every business or every room, your business in Henderson, NC may have several locations where a PTZ camera would be worth the extra cost.  For more information and recommendations, feel free to contact AB and D Surveillance and set up a consultation.

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