3 Reasons Security Helps Your Business

July 22nd, 2019

If you run a Henderson business, your priority is making sure you remain profitable. However, many factors go into making a successful business, and one of those things, aside from bringing in business, is ensuring the safety of your investment. After all, making money is only half the equation, if you’re losing that money you just earned.

Security is one of the areas that every business should look into. There’s nothing worse than working hard, watching your employees put in an honest day’s only to see some of that disappear due to theft-based loss, or other consequences of crime. That’s why every business should consider what kind of security measures they want to put in place, and these three reasons explain the benefits.

Better Response

In a typical crime situation, such as a Henderson home or small business with no security, when a crime occurs, the police can only respond when someone calls 911 and makes a request for emergency response, while at the same time having to give details such as location and nature of the emergency. If a criminal is still on the property, or people aren’t present, then the call can’t even go out.

With security systems, a break in triggers an alarm and, depending on the type of service being used, this alarm notification can either go out to a private security service to investigate, or directly to the police. In either case, a “manual” summons of the police isn’t required, which means a faster response.

Valuable Investigate Aids

If a crime occurs, you’ll be most interested in finding the criminals and bringing them to justice. The only way that can happen is if the police can track down the perpetrators and if the evidence exists to prove the suspects caught are the ones that wronged you. Security mechanisms like cameras can do both.

A security camera is valuable to police while investigating because footage provides valuable, indisputable data, such as the time a crime took place. It can also show the build, height, clothing, and color of criminals, and even skin color and other important facial details if no masks are worn. Once criminals are caught, these same camera recordings can be submitted as evidence to help prosecution put them in jail.

It’s A Deterrent

The most important thing that security systems can do for you is to keep crime from happening at all. When a business advertises that it has alarms and security cameras in place, this dramatically reduces the chances of crime, because the risk of being caught goes up.

Criminals prefer the “path of least resistance” to making money. So if your business makes it clear that an extraordinary amount of effort and risk are required to rob it, that encourages most criminals to look for another target entirely.

If you’d like to have more security for your business, and greater peace of mind, then call A B & D Surveillance. We can help you to protect your Henderson business and investment by assessing what your business needs and providing a specific, custom solution.

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